ScumRay Oil Absorbing - Twin Pack


ScumRay Oil Absorbing Twin Pack - Say good-bye to hot tub scum.  ScumRay's proprietary absorbing fibers attract body oils, cosmetics, and exfoliated skin before they turn into hot tub scum. These fibers are woven into a 3D honeycomb micromesh, dramatically increasing the surface area available to trap hot tub scum.  

ScumRay's clever design allows it to both float and sink, maximizing the surface area in contact with your water.

  • ScumRay's submerged tail allows water to wash over it's wings, quickly trapping scum.
  • ScumRay's belly fibers trap body oils that go through your hot tub pump, as these oils rise to the surface.
  • You can wash a ScumRay frequently alternating between the two in the twin pack.  
  • Typically need to be replaced once a year.