Mylovac Cover

Posted by Christian Staples on 15th Oct 2020

We've got you covered with the best!

The spa cover is a part of the spa that is typically overlooked by spa manufacturers and spa shoppers alike. No manufacturer really does it better than Arctic Spas.

Let’s start with your house for an example. What is the most important part of the house to insulate? Look up for a clue. That’s right, your roof. Most manufacturers just top of their spas with the least expensive cover that they can obtain. Arctic Spas does it differently with the Arctic Spa Mylovac Cover which offersthree main advantages over other spa covers.

First, durability. One of the main reasons covers wear out is because of the high moisture environment between the water level and the cover. The foam core of any cover will absorb the water which makes it heavy and more of a conductor of heat rather than an insulator. To protect this foam core, we seal it with Mylar instead of plastic like everyone else. Therefore, we call it a Mylovac Cover because mylar is much more resistant to moisture penetration. Here is another example, when it is your birthday do you want your balloons to be made of mylar or the typical latex?Presumably youwould want the mylar because you would want your special day to last for multiple daysif possible, right? Mylar simply lasts longer because of the smaller pores in the materialwhich seals in the helium and seals out the air.

Second, weight load capacity. With other spascovers, they do not hold much weight.Breaking the foam core is fairly easy with just a small amount of snow, dogs, or kids. With Arctic Spa Mylovac Cover, the foam is thicker and denser giving a load rating of over 2000 lbs.

Third, insulation. Since every Arctic Spa has a flat surface where the cover and the spa meet, it seals in the heat better. Additionally, because of the thickness of the foam it is denserthan foam used in other covers; this makes us sure that we offer the highest insulation value of any cover out there. Finally, we add a full-length baffle all the way from one side of the cover to the other. This gives full insulation all the way across the cover where the two sections meet. Most other covers just do pillows at the edges which leaves an open gap between the sections of the cover which can let out heat and let in cold.This is just another reason how an Arctic Spa is specifically designed for the cold climates.

So, if the spa you are looking at isn’t an Arctic Spa then it doesn’t have a cover as good as the Arctic Spa Mylovac Cover. If the cover isn’t of the same quality, then keep on looking or come to us.

Come check out the most durable, strong, and insulated spa cover around at Arctic Spas. Stop by our store and ask to stand on our Mylovac Cover to test it for yourself at 2368 S State Street, just north of I-80 on the west side of State Street. Visit us on the web at or call us 801-483-1001.

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