Wifi Home Network Kit | Arctic Spas

Wifi Home Network Kit | Arctic Spas

$79.95 $150.00
(You save $70.05)

If you have an Arctic Spa that is from 2011 or newer, you can easily hook your spa up to the internet just by installing a few easy components to enjoy remote control, remote monitoring and over the air updates.  It is super simple to install yourself.  Check out our installation video: Arctic Spa Wifi Home Network Kit Installation Video

Wifi Home Network Kit includes the following items:

  • A Wifi Extender with an ethernet port
  • A ten foot CAT 5 Ethernet Cable
  • A ten foot 2 prong Extension Cord
  • A USB Drive.
  • Two Female Crimp Terminal Connectors for 14–16 AWG wires
  • Two Cable Zip Ties