Save $71 Automatic Quarterly Shipping - Arctic Spa Filter Combo

Save $71 Automatic Quarterly Shipping - Arctic Spa Filter Combo


This filter program includes four sets of the Silver Sentinel Threaded 2009+, the Peak II Stubby Cartridge Filter and the Peak II Rescue Bag. This program is only for tubs with the Peak II Ozone system, 2011 - Present already installed. We ship you the three filter set every three months--four shipments total--for a year. The Filter Program is a great way to keep your water crystal clear and it serves as a handy reminder to replace your filters when the package arrives in the mail. When you receive your fourth and final filter shipment, all you have to do is sign up again for another year.

Shipping Details: The three month shipping program is only available in the Continental United States. If you are in Hawaii or Alaska, all four filters will be shipped at once with a flat-rate $20.00 shipping charge. You can also purchase our Buy 4 Get 1 Free Filter Bag.

**This program is not available for shipping addresses in Hawaii and Alaska.