JustBlue for Arctic Spa Saltwater Systems

Posted by Christian Staples on 28th Apr 2020

I’m Christian Staples with Arctic Spas. I want to introduce you to a new Arctic Spa product called JustBlue. For everyone that has a saltwater system on your Arctic Spa, we have been using Scale Free to help protect the salt cell and keep it clean. Using JustBlue will take the place of using the Scale Free. You will no longer need to buy or add the Scale Free to your Arctic Spa.

JustBlue is a unique combination of salts that loosen up organic material from the surface of the spa and the plumbing plus it prevents organic material from reattaching itself to the sides of the spa and plumbing. This not only helps the spa stay cleaner visually, it also removes the breeding ground for bacteria. This helps the salt system work more effectively and efficiently. This in turn helps to extend the life of the salt cell. Using JustBlue regularly also helps reduce calcium buildup especially on the salt cell. This helps the salt cell stay clean and helps it work more efficiently.

JustBlue is super easy to use, just a standard dosage and no testing. You only add it once a month with an Arctic Spa saltwater system. For Spas under 7’, add 80ml; 7’ spas require 100ml; 8’ spas require 130ml; 10’ spas require 200ml; and All Weather Pools require 500ml, just one time per month. My suggestion is to pick a specific day such as the first Saturday of the month to help remember this is when you need to add the JustBlue.

On a side note, if you currently have spa and have not been using the JustBlue, you may notice more stuff coming out into the water after you add the JustBlue for the first time. This is completely normally as the JustBlue loosens up the organic material that may have collected in the pipes. Don’t worry though, it will go away, typically within about a day. Once it is clean, you will notice it doesn’t continue to happen again.

We offer JustBlue with the convenience of free home delivery at Just click to place your order and we will get it shipped right out.

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