Outdoor Heated Stair Mat 11"x36" | Arctic Spas

Outdoor Heated Stair Mat 11"x36" | Arctic Spas


Wake up to find your walkways clear of snow and ice without any effort on your part. Enjoy your hot tub experience more by running heated mats from your door to your hot tub. No installation required, just lay them down and plug them in and these mats are designed to be left out all winter. 

  • Stress Free Hot Tubbing Experience
  • Keep stairs, doorways, walkways, and ramps free from snow and ice
  • Prevent slips and falls that could lead to costly lawsuits
  • Protect personnel from winter weather conditions
  • More effective for snow and ice melting than harsh chemicals (less damaging to the environment, reusable, won’t damage concrete or other flooring surfaces)
  • Will melt approximately 2 inches of snow per hour when operating
  • More convenient than shoveling snow
  • 33.3 Watts/Sq ft
  • The ONLY snow melting mat product that is made in the USA